Legacy Focused Business Acquisitions

Secure your business's legacy post-retirement with us. We guarantee a smooth transition, safeguarding your company's integrity and values, and propelling its growth and success.

Don't let your business legacy disappear

As a business owner, you've built a successful company and created a legacy you can be proud of. But if you don't plan for the future, what happens when you retire? Who will take over and ensure your business thrives? Will stress and anxiety overshadow your golden years if your company falls apart?

We acquire companies in these 4 sectors and industries

We acquire companies in these 4 sectors and industries

We are a forward-thinking family business committed to acquiring companies in Europe with an annual EBITDA of more than one million euro that align with our values and mission.

Our promise to you

We understand how important your business is to you and are dedicated to ensuring its successful future, allowing you to focus on what's next in life.

Your business is in good hands

Our goal is to ensure the long-term success of your business, so you can rest easy knowing your legacy is secure and trust that your company's future is safeguarded by experienced professionals.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing your life's work will continue to flourish.
Be confident in a smooth transition, preserving what you've built.
Trust that your company's future is safeguarded by experienced professionals.
"We treat every acquired business with the same care and dedication that you've poured into yours, ensuring a seamless and successful future."
Oliver Nehring, CEO Adeleon Familienholding GmbH
Your business is in good hands
"Your team is your company's backbone, and we pledge to honor their dedication and support their continued success."
Martijn Megens, Managing Director Adeleon Invest
Your employees, customers and partners are valued

Your employees, customers and partners are valued

We don't believe in massive layoffs or disruptive changes. We work hard to maintain the stability and consistency of your company, so your employees and partners can continue to thrive.
Never worry about employee and partner disruption.
Know that your team's contributions will be valued.
Experience the joy of seeing your employees and partners continue to grow and succeed.

Your brand is respected

We understand the importance of maintaining your brand identity and reputation. Your company will continue to operate as it always has, with the same values and vision that made it successful.
Be proud of the continued success of the brand you've built.
Be content knowing your company's essence will remain intact.
Experience your brand's ongoing growth and impact even after you retire.
"Your brand is a reflection of your vision, and we're committed to nurturing its legacy and preserving its identity."
Alexander Prunk, Director Merger & Acquisitions
Your brand is respected
"We firmly prioritize people above all else. Our unwavering dedication lies in fostering a culture infused with empathy, comprehension, and reverence."
Bettina Stolz, Chief of Staff
Your values are our values

Your values are our values

We put people first, and we're committed to creating a culture of empathy, understanding, and respect, while working hard to ensure that your company's values are honored and upheld.
Find comfort in knowing your company's culture will be cherished and preserved.
Experience a partnership that respects and shares your core values.
Serenity in the alignment of ethical and compassionate business practices.

Our mission

As a longstanding family business, we value reliability, regional presence, personal relationships, fairness, stability, and being a good employer. We prioritize long-term strategic planning and talent in financing, internationalization, and diversification. Our goal is to secure the future of these businesses and the values we hold dear by acquiring companies that align with our principles. With a heritage in gas, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by investing in green and sustainable companies, as well as reducing our carbon emissions through our investments. As responsible corporate citizens, we look towards a greener future and are committed to leaving a positive impact on the environment for generations to come.

We have acquired over 20 companies in the last 10 years

Read our detailed case studies to learn more about our acquisition process and how we can help ensure the future success of your business.

Belcotec is a leading provider of HVAC and electrical installations in large commercial buildings.
KÖHL s.à r.l.
KÖHL s.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based, electrical company.
Luxelec Building Technology SA
LUXELEC is a leading provider of technical building equipment and electrical engineering solutions.
Group Vrebos
Group Vrebos is a leading Belgian manufacturer and vendor of aluminum and PVC windows and doors.

Shape your company’s future success with us

Partner with us to ensure a smooth and successful transition and solve your succession problem, giving you peace of mind. You can trust us to take care of your legacy while you focus on what's next for you.
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