Our acquisition history

Our acquisition history stands as a testament to our expertise in navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions while maintaining the trust of business owners, partners, and employees alike.

2023, Belgium

Group Vrebos

In January 2023, Adeleon successfully acquired Group Vrebos, a leading Belgian manufacturer and vendor of custom-made aluminum and PVC windows and doors. Group Vrebos employs 75 professionals and operates a 7,000 sqm production facility, Real Win, which supplies products for their own sales subsidiaries and third-party clients. Together with the management team, Adeleon is excited to unlock the company's full potential and shape its future.
Successful acquisition of Group Vrebos - WESTFA and the management team shaping a bright future for the leading Belgian manufacturer of custom windows and doors.

2023, Luxembourg

Luxelec Building Technology SA

In January 2023, Adeleon successfully acquired Luxelec Building Technology SA, a leading electrical and HVAC services provider in Luxembourg's commercial and industrial construction sectors. As a part of Adeleon's ongoing diversification strategy, this acquisition enables Luxelec to maintain its independence, while enhancing collaborations with KÖHL s.à r.l, another Adeleon-acquired company. With a shared business model to Belgium's Belcotec Group, also acquired by Adeleon, Luxelec's addition further expands Adeleon's reach and sustainable growth across the European market.
WESTFA's successful acquisition of Luxelec Building Technology SA expands reach and sustainable growth in Luxembourg's electrical and HVAC sectors.

2022, Belgium


In November 2022, Adeleon successfully acquired the Belgian firm Belcotec, consisting of Belcotec NV and Belcotec Technics BV. Based in Geel and employing around 100 specialists, Belcotec is a leading provider of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and electrical installations in large commercial buildings. The company primarily utilizes heat pumps and has also specialized in building automation. Founded in 2012 by Jan Vangeel, who continues to serve as its managing director, Belcotec's dynamic growth and significant advancements in digitalization made it an attractive and strategic addition to Adeleon.
WESTFA's successful acquisition of Belcotec diversifies its portfolio and expands further into HVAC and electrical installations for large commercial buildings.

2022, Luxembourg

KÖHL s.à r.l

In March 2022, Adeleon expanded its business portfolio with the acquisition of KÖHL s.à r.l, a Luxembourg-based electrical company founded in 1971. KÖHL specializes in energy distribution solutions in switchgears, primarily serving data centers, large chemical plants, the energy industry, and renewable energy sectors. KÖHL's decades of experience, adaptable customer-centric approach, and continuous innovation have established them in a strong market position. The company maintains long-term, successful relationships with customers, partner companies such as Bayer, Bosch and Shell, and suppliers worldwide, collectively pursuing the megatrends of automation and Industry 4.0.
WESTFA's acquisition of KÖHL strengthens expertise in energy distribution solutions for data centers and large industrial sectors.

2020, Netherlands

Pro-Gas Nederland B.V.

Pro-Gas Nederland B.V. was initially a part of Vos Groep B.V. and supplied propane gas to private customers. The company was later acquired by OK Gas prior to the transfer of its customer base to the Adeleon in 2020.
Pro-Gas Nederland B.V., formerly part of Vos Groep B.V., now a proud member of the WESTFA Group, supplying propane gas to private customers.

2019, Netherlands

Nefco Group

Adeleon expands its presence in the Dutch and Belgian liquefied gas markets by acquiring the Nefco Group in Waardenburg. The Nefco Group owns the OK Gas brand, which serves both household and industrial customers in the heating gas sector. Additionally, Adeleon becomes a major player in the LPG sector in both markets by acquiring BK Gas, the leading brand. With the inclusion of its own tank terminal in Tiel, Adeleon also ventures into the wholesale business.

2019, Germany

BK Gas GmbH

In order to expand its strong market position, Adeleon takes over BK-Gas GmbH and integrates it into the existing LPG organization. Until then, BK-Gas had belonged to the Nefco Group, which is also taken over by Adeleon a short time later.
WESTFA strengthens market position with the acquisition of BK-Gas GmbH, integrating it into the LPG organization.

2019, Luxembourg

Gaz Liberté S.à.r.l.

Gaz Liberté S.à.r.l. was founded in Strasbourg in 2009 and became a distributor in tank gas in the Alsace region and Greater Paris. In 2019, the company was acquired by Sungas, a subsidiary of Adeleon based in Luxembourg. The company's headquarters were relocated to Saint-Marcel near Paris after the acquisition. With this acquisition, Adeleon enters the French market.
WESTFA enters the French market with the acquisition of Gaz Liberté S.à.r.l., expanding distribution of tank gas in Alsace and Greater Paris.

2018, Germany

WPG Westfälische Propan GmbH

WPG Westfälische Propan GmbH was founded in 1951 by municipalities to supply liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to households in rural and suburban areas. In 2018, Adeleon acquired the company, which had expanded its LPG tank storage facility in Detmold over the years and built a network of autogas filling stations. In 2020, WPG was assigned the customers of Stadtwerke Lemgo as this business section was also aquired by Adeleon in 2020.
WESTFA's acquisition of WPG Westfälische Propan GmbH strengthens LPG supply to households and expands autogas filling station network.

2017, Luxembourg

Energus S.A.

Energus S.A. was founded in Luxembourg in 1992 to distribute bottled gas, grills, and camping equipment. In March 2017, Sungas acquired the company from its founder, Jacquot Schwertzer, increasing its market share in the bottled gas market.

2016, Germany


WECO Gas GmbH was founded in 1991 as a storage facility for large bulks of liquid gas. In 2014, Adeleon acquired the company from its founder, Arthur Weinelt, who had continued to expand the company's operations in the Sinsheim region with only one truck. The company was merged with the Stuttgart-based Thermogas Gas and Equipment Sales GmbH, which was acquired by Adeleon in 2016, to form WECO Thermogas GmbH with headquarters in Sinsheim.
WESTFA's merger of WECO Gas GmbH and Thermogas Gas and Equipment Sales GmbH strengthens operations in Sinsheim region.

2016, Germany

Deininger Flüssiggas GmbH

Deininger Flüssiggas GmbH was founded in Mannheim in 1903 as a welding technology company. In 2016, Adeleon acquired Deininger's liquefied gas business, with Julian Fink assuming the role of managing director. In 2020, Deininger merged with WECO Thermogas at the nearby WESTFA regional office in Sinsheim, and the WESTFA/Deininger site in Mannheim was closed.
Integration of Deininger Flüssiggas GmbH into WESTFA: Merger with WECO Thermogas strengthens operations, closing the Mannheim site.

2016, Germany

Thermogas Gas- und Gerätevertriebs-GmbH

Thermogas Gas- und Gerätevertriebs-GmbH was founded in Stuttgart in 1920 as "Teer-Destillation Stuttgart" and started selling liquefied gas in 1934. In 2016, Adeleon acquired the now-deficit subsidiary from EnBW, which had acquired Thermogas in 1996. The company was merged with WECO Gas GmbH to form WECO Thermogas with the headquarter in Sinsheim.
WESTFA's merger of Thermogas Gas and Equipment Sales GmbH with WECO Gas GmbH strengthens operations in Sinsheim.

2015, Germany

BeBra Flüssiggas GmbH

BeBra Flüssiggas GmbH was founded in 1999 by two former colleagues at a regional liquefied gas supplier. In 2015, Adeleon acquired the company from the one remaining owner, who retired. BeBra seamlessly integrated into the sales structure of the WESTFA Group with its location and storage in Southern Germany.
WESTFA's acquisition of BeBra Flüssiggas GmbH enhances sales structure with Southern Germany location and storage capabilities.

2015, Luxembourg

Sungas S.à.r.l.

Sungas S.à.r.l. was founded in 2008 by a former Shell employee in Luxembourg. The company became the market leader in Luxembourg's tank gas business and began distributing bottled gas. In 2015, Adeleon acquired the company from its founder, Pascal Bourkel, who remained the managing director of Sungas after the sale.
WESTFA's acquisition of Sungas S.à.r.l. expands market leadership in Luxembourg's tank gas and bottled gas distribution.

2013, Germany

Vitogaz Deutschland GmbH

In 2013, Adeleon acquired Vitogaz Deutschland in Oldenburg, a propane gas supplier founded in 1959. Vitogaz had changed ownership several times before being sold to Adeleon, including being a part of Klöckner & Co GmbH, DEA Flüssiggas GmbH, and Shell Gas Deutschland GmbH. Adeleon acquired Vitogaz's bulk and auto gas business, as well as a stake in the liquefied gas storage facilities in Wanzleben, Alt Zachun, and Baunach. Vitogaz was renamed WESTFA Flüssiggas GmbH after the acquisition.
WESTFA's acquisition of Vitogaz Deutschland strengthens propane gas supply and expands stake in liquefied gas storage facilities.

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Belcotec is a leading provider of HVAC and electrical installations in large commercial buildings.
KÖHL s.à r.l.
KÖHL s.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based, electrical company.
Luxelec Building Technology SA
LUXELEC is a leading provider of technical building equipment and electrical engineering solutions.
Group Vrebos
Group Vrebos is a leading Belgian manufacturer and vendor of aluminum and PVC windows and doors.

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