Mergers & Acquisitions

Our acquisition process prioritizes maintaining the integrity of your business and ensuring a smooth transition for employees, customers and partners, providing peace of mind for both you and your company's future.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Industries and Sectors

We acquire companies in these 4 sectors and industries

As we look towards the future, we seek to acquire companies that embrace sustainable practices, cutting-edge technologies, and continuous innovation. Our focus is on promoting healthy growth while ensuring a clean, secure environment for everyone. Specifically, we are interested in companies operating in energy, healthcare, real estate, food, water, and sanitation industries, and are committed to extending our support to businesses that resonate with our core values.


We aim to acquire sustainable and eco-friendly companies in the energy sector to positively impact the environment for future generations.

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Chemistry

We seek to acquire healthcare businesses, including suppliers of medical equipment, hygiene products, and consumables that prioritize innovation and quality for excellent patient care and safety.

Real Estate Products and Services

We aim to acquire companies in the real estate industry that provide essential products and services such as HVAC systems, window manufacturing, construction materials, and energy-efficient technologies.

Food & Beverages

We invest in companies that facilitate safe and efficient production, packaging, and distribution of food, water, and sanitation. Our goal is to promote sustainability, enhance public health, and support global communities.

Our acquisition criteria

As a family-owned company, we prioritize certain criteria when evaluating potential acquisitions to ensure a successful partnership and long-term growth.

Family-Owned Businesses

As a family-owned business ourselves, we understand the unique dynamics and values that such businesses possess. We understand the importance of preserving a company's legacy and are keen to acquire other family-owned businesses that share our commitment to long-term growth and stability and are aligned with our values.

Industry Alignment

We are specifically interested in companies operating in the energy, healthcare, real estate, food, water, and sanitaries sectors, because it’s what we know best. These industries align with our mission to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

Sustainable Practices

As a forward thinking company, we prioritize companies with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices, as we believe this is essential for long-term success and fostering a positive impact on the environment and society.

Profit Size

We focus on acquiring companies with a stable and growing revenue stream, primarily targeting businesses with an EBITDA of more than 1 million Euro annually. This size allows us to provide meaningful support and future stability while ensuring the businesses we acquire are established and resilient.


We look for companies with a history of strong profitability, as this demonstrates the company's ability to effectively manage resources, maintain a competitive edge, and generate value for stakeholders in the future.

Management Team

We value strong, experienced management teams that share our vision and are open to collaboration. A capable management team is crucial for maintaining continuity and driving future growth.
Geographic Location

We are acquiring European companies

Our primary interest lies in companies serving European markets, and we are open to exploring new opportunities, provided they align with our strategic vision and demonstrate potential for long-term success.
We are acquiring European companies

We have acquired over 20 companies in the last 10 years

Read our detailed case studies to learn more about our acquisition process and how we can help ensure the future success of your business.

Belcotec is a leading provider of HVAC and electrical installations in large commercial buildings.
KÖHL s.à r.l.
KÖHL s.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based, electrical company.
Luxelec Building Technology SA
LUXELEC is a leading provider of technical building equipment and electrical engineering solutions.
Group Vrebos
Group Vrebos is a leading Belgian manufacturer and vendor of aluminum and PVC windows and doors.

Discover our success stories

We take pride in sharing the success stories of sellers, partners, and employees who have experienced our commitment firsthand in ensuring a smooth transition.

"We are pleased to have found such a good strategic partner as Adeleon, which will continue to live the values of the KÖHL company and positively complement and expand them in the future. For us, a decisive criterion in the sales process was that two family-owned companies could exchange and complement each other on an equal footing and that, in addition to the company's goals, the employees will continue to have an absolutely high priority as the most important asset."
Wilfried Köhl & Dirk Hartmann

Founders and former owners of KÖHL s.à r.l

“As a seller's consultant, I've found Adeleon to be a dependable and professional partner focused on common goals. Their management team communicates openly and has a successful history of acquisitions. As a family-owned business, Adeleon distinguishes itself from financial investors by emphasizing long-term, sustainable strategies.”
Marc van der Spek

Advisor to sellers in several transactions

“Belcotec is a successful Belgian multi-technology (HVAC/ELECTRO) project company.  Due to the rapidly evolving market, it  is vital to continue investing in people and doing business as an independent player on the market. Our people are used to work in a family-owned environment. It is this family approach and long-term thinking that makes Adeleon the ideal investor for Belcotec and its employees.”
Jan Vangeel

Seller and still managing director of the Belcotec Group

"After the acquisition by Adeleon, we were able to jointly transform WPG into a successful and profitable company. Our employees were warmly welcomed by the Adeleon management and the permanent staff, so that the stresses associated with the integration were quickly forgotten. Today, we are happy to be part of the Adeleon team and have found our professional home."
Jochen Clement

Sales Manager Region West, WESTFA Energy Group

"After the acquisition of the Nefco Group by Adeleon, I was given the opportunity to develop myself further. Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn a lot and gain new experiences within an international organization. Currently, I
am responsible as Managing Director for OK Gas BV in the Netherlands and have also been given the opportunity to join the international Executive Committee at WESTFA ENERGY."
Berry den Ridder

Seller of two subsidiaries to WESTFA Group

“Since I am a part of WESTFA Energy, a subsidiary of Adeleon, my work field is larger. Now I have colleagues in a lot of different countries. We learn from each other and work well together to achieve the best result.”
Marijn van Leur

Manager Logistics, WESTFA Energy Group

"The integration of the new subsidiary into Adeleon was always smooth. All colleagues are very nice and one was well received. With the acquisitions of other companies, Adeleon is growing, this is a promising sign for the future."
Carmen Weinelt

Manager Bulk Business, Region South-West, WESTFA Energy Group

You are in good company

We are a forward-thinking family-business committed to acquiring companies in Europe with an EBITDA of more than one million euro annually that align with our values and mission.

Our approach to mergers and acquisitions: A gentle touch

We set ourselves apart from other acquirers by honoring the dedication and hard work behind each business we consider for acquisition.

We Aren’t Chasing Short-term Gains That Could Jeopardize The Future

We prioritize strategic investments for steady growth and a strong market position, not short-term gains that may compromise the future.

We Don't Believe in Mass Discharges And Avoid Disruptive Changes

We try to avoid massive layoffs or disruptive changes, and prioritize nurturing talent and fostering growth within your organization.

Our Aim is Not to Seek Cost Savings, But to Preserve Your Business

If we don't identify compelling reasons for cost-cutting, our goal is to preserve and support your business's long-term viability and success while upholding its essence and quality.

We Try Not To Push Our Own Culture or Values Onto Your Business

We collaborate to maintain your company's culture and values throughout and after the acquisition process.

We Don't Pursue a Buy and Build Strategy

If we don't find reasons to do so, we focus on ensuring the success of each acquired company on its own terms, promoting growth and industry achievements.

We Don't Prioritize Synergies Over the Success of the Acquired Company

If synergies aren't crucial, we concentrate on preserving and supporting your business, providing the necessary resources and support for it to thrive.

Shape your company’s future success with us

Partner with us to ensure a smooth and successful transition and solve your succession problem, giving you peace of mind. You can trust us to take care of your legacy while you focus on what's next for you.
"Honoring your team's dedication and supporting their success - WESTFA Holding values your company's backbone." Martijn Megens, Managing Director M&A-Transactions, WESTFA Holding
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