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WESTFA Holding becomes Adeleon

Since the original founding of WESTFA in 1946, our corporate values have been deeply rooted in family traditions and the pursuit of a greener future. In 2021, this evolution led to a division into WESTFA Energy GmbH and WESTFA Holding GmbH, the latter also overseeing "WESTFA Invest", which manages new business fields in various industries. This structural change highlighted the need for a name change to associate the "WESTFA" brand exclusively with the LPG sector, where it is well known and established.

For the first time, we embark on a rebranding journey to rename "WESTFA Holding" and "WESTFA Invest", aiming to harmonise tradition with modernity. We proudly present "Adeleon Familienholding GmbH", "Adeleon Invest" or simply "Adeleon", inspired by our founder Adele Brand, symbolising a fresh start ("on"). This new identity subtly nods to our WESTFA heritage while reflecting our commitment to our mission and our current trajectory.
WESTFA Holding to Adeleon rebranding visual with overlapping circles symbolizing the transition from WESTFA to Adeleon, representing the evolution of corporate identity in line with family traditions and commitment to innovation and a greener future.


Belcotec celebrates being named 'Best Company in Flanders'

Belcotec, a subsidiary of Adeleon, made headlines in the third quarter of 2023 when it won the prestigious Voka Award and was named "Best Company in Flanders". The award was celebrated by Managing Director Jan Vangeel and his team at the awards ceremony and recognised by the Belgian Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden. This recognition underlines our successful acquisition of Belcotec, a successful decision that continues to fill us with pride.
Belcotec management team celebrating their Voka Prize victory as 'Best Company in Flanders' with joy and applause on stage, September 2023.


Parallel Growth and Diversification Initiatives

The acquisitions of KÖHL, Belcotec, Luxelec and Vrebos mark a key milestone in Adeleon's development. By acquiring specialist companies in the energy and real estate sectors, Adeleon has successfully expanded its portfolio and market presence. By leveraging the synergies between these different organisations, Adeleon has effectively strengthened its position as a leading player in the European market by driving innovation and creating value across sectors.
WESTFA's strategic acquisitions of Köhl, Belcotec, Luxelec, and Vrebos drive parallel growth and diversification, strengthening market presence and delivering value across diverse industries in Europe.


Expansion into the Netherlands and France

In 2019, Adeleon significantly expanded its presence in the European market, particularly in the Netherlands and France. To further expand its autogas business in Germany, Adeleon acquired BK-Gas Deutschland, a part of the Dutch Nefco Group, one of the largest resellers of liquid gas in Northwestern Europe. This acquisition brought several additional gas stations and supply contracts into Adeleon's portfolio.

The sale of BK-Gas served as a precursor to Adeleon's acquisition of the entire Nefco Group. After a competitive bidding process, Adeleon emerged as the winner. Nefco with its brands "OK Gas" and "BK Gas" comprises multiple gas suppliers, primarily active in the Belgian and Dutch markets and is market leader in the autogas sector. BK Gas possesses a robust wholesale infrastructure and operates a shipping terminal, providing Adeleon with new opportunities in the gas trade.
WESTFA's merger of Thermogas Gas and Equipment Sales GmbH with WECO Gas GmbH strengthens operations in Sinsheim.


Launch of our own logistics in Germany for the bulk business

Adeleon took an important step in 2016 to ensure reliable deliveries to its customers after leaving the logistics consortium. Adeleon invested in modern route planning software and hired its own experienced fleet manager. Adeleon's dedicated logistics team overcame numerous challenges, such as the procurement of ready-to-go tankers, and successfully completed the transition. As a result, Adeleon was able to continue independent logistics operations after the winter with no problems. This milestone is a testament to Adeleon's continued commitment to providing reliable and efficient services to its customers while upholding the values and principles that have guided the company since its inception.
WESTFA's investment in tour management software and fleet management ensures reliable supply, exemplifying the commitment to customer service and company values.


International Expansion to Luxembourg

In 2008, Pascal Bourkel, a former Shell employee, founded his own company in Wormeldange, Luxembourg, with a focus on developing the bulk business. Through hard work and dedication, Sungas became one of the top three suppliers in the Luxembourg gas business. In line with Adeleon's values of reliability, regional presence and personal relationships, the company attracted Adeleon's attention.

In 2015, Adeleon took over the company and continued the tradition of strong connections in Luxembourg together with Pascal Bourkel. Adeleon continues to be closely linked to Luxembourg through its branch in Trier and the founding families' former property in Echternacherbrück. The acquisition of Sungas S.A.R.L. is an example of Adeleon's commitment to long-term strategic planning and sustainable investment. This milestone not only expands Adeleon's presence in the European market, but also underlines its commitment to new opportunities for its employees and the acquired companies.
WESTFA's acquisition of Sungas S.A.R.L.: A testament to long-term strategic planning, investment in sustainable businesses, and commitment to employee growth.


Weco-Gas GmbH Acquisition and Expansion Template

In 2014, Adeleon acquired WECO-Gas, a very customer-oriented company based in Sinsheim. Within a radius of 60 kilometres, the relatively small company covers almost the entire tank gas market. WECO-Gas thus serves as a model for future acquisitions by Adeleon, because companies like WECO-Gas are characterised by efficient logistics, extremely high customer loyalty and high profitability.
WESTFA's acquisition of WECO-Gas: A strategic expansion with efficient logistics, strong customer loyalty, and profitable growth.


First Acquisition with Vitogaz-Deutschland in northern Germany

Through the initial acquisition of Vitogaz-Deutschland, Adeleon became one of the largest providers of LPG in Germany. Later, with the acquisition of BK-Gas, Adeleon expanded its presence in the LPG business throughout the Benelux region. Since 2013, Adeleon has strengthened its position in Germany through further acquisitions and started exploring foreign markets in neighbouring countries.
WESTFA's acquisition of Vitogaz establishes leadership in autogas in Germany. Expansion into Benelux region through the acquisition of Nefco Group. Strengthening position in Germany and entering foreign markets through subsequent acquisitions.


Prioritizing WESTFA's traditional business

To strengthen the company, WESTFA decided to focus exclusively on its core business and to divest other areas. Since the appointment of Oliver Nehring as the new Managing Director in 2013, the company has focused on the liquid gas business.
WESTFA's strategic decision to focus on core business under the leadership of Oliver Nehring as Managing Director, prioritizing traditional operations.


Trade with liquid gas in cylinders

In the 1950s, WESTFA focused on the cylinder gas business, which always remains an important component alongside tank gas. This strategic move allowed the company to better serve its customers and solidify its position as a leading provider of gas-related products and services.
Expansion into cylinders during the 1950s strengthens WESTFA's position as a leading provider of gas-related products and services.


Shift to Gas and Heating Oil Business

After the currency reform in 1948, WESTFA started distributing propane gas (liquefied petroleum gas) and heating oil, along with all the related consumption devices. This marked a significant shift in the company's focus, paving the way for its future success in the gas industry.
WESTFA's distribution of propane gas and heating oil post-1948 currency reform propels the company towards success in the gas industry.


Founding of WESTFA

In the uncertain times following the end of World War II, two engineers and friends, Johann Brand and Gustav Engel, founded the 'Westfälische Apparatebau und Vertriebs-GmbH,' or WESTFA, as it was soon called.
In the aftermath of World War II, engineers Johann Brand and Gustav Engel founded WESTFA, the Westfälische Apparatebau und Vertriebs-GmbH.

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KÖHL s.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based, electrical company.
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